consumed potrošeni
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CONSUMED is a film about life’s most important minutes. The protagonists of the movie are persons over the age of 55 – those who have more than 30 million minutes of life behind them. The most important minutes in their lives have already happened and their last minute is drawing nearer and nearer. The movie follows the protagonists from the point they answer a public invitation to persons over the age of 55, it shows their partaking in an audition and in the process of making a performance and a documentary. They are challenged to tell about the most important minute in their life in as many seconds as their age. They talk about life and death, happiness and pain in a brutally honest way. Are they “consumed”, and if so, is it because the best years of their life are behind them? Or are they “consumed” because they live in a society that casts them away and treats them as a burden and a “redundancy”. The documentary CONSUMED records the process in which the protagonists become more than just randomly gathered individuals: As a collective, they have to deal with the decades of their own silence and to take the responsibility for the world in ruins they are leaving to the new generations. Because of the fact that they grew up and were working in a completely different social system, the protagonists question whether they in their 30 million minutes have missed to contribute to their society and community. Do they have the strength and determination to prove that they are not ‘consumed’ and to give the minutes they have left for a better and a more just society…?