consumed potrošeni
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The first film endeavour of the artistic collective MONTAЖ$TROJ and director Borut Šeparović CONSUMED will have its premiere projections on February 24 and 25 at the international documentary film festival ZagrebDox.

In the 25th year of its public artistic activity, MONTAЖ$TROJ is transferring its lifelong mission of making socially engaged art to the big screen. The movie CONSUMED is a long expected closure of the project 55+ and is a unique testimony of the working process of several years with the film protagonists who are over 55 years of age. CONSUMED is a film about life’s most important minutes and about the protagonists who have been put to a curious challenge – to choose the most important from the 30 million minutes they have behind them.

The documentary CONSUMED records the process in which the protagonists have become more than just randomly gathered individuals: As a collective, they have to deal with the decades of their own silence and to take the responsibility for the world in ruins they are leaving to the new generations. Do they have the strength and determination to prove that they are not ‘consumed’ and to give the minutes they have left for a better and a more just society?

The film will be shown in the programme “Controversial Dox” that concentrates on controversial topics and phenomena of contemporary society. The 25th ZagrebDox will take place at the Zagreb cinema “Cineplexx” at the mall Centar Kaptol. All information on the projections of the documentary CONSUMED and tickets can be found on the ZagrebDox webpage.