consumed potrošeni
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The filming of the documentary CONSUMED begun on May 7, 2012 at the Zagreb Youth Theatre where the audition for the project 55+ was being held and filmed. Over 200 persons over the age of 55 applied for the audition and told about the most important minutes in their lives in front of camera. This was also the beginning of the working process with the participants which consisted of free creative workshops and discussions organized by the artistic collective MONTAЖ$TROJ.

The result of the project 55+ is expected to be the documentary CONSUMED and the theatre performance 55+ that will set a unique challenge to the protagonists – they should, in a race against time and seconds, tell the stories that marked their lives in as many seconds as their age. The project 55+ is one of the most complex projects MONTAЖ$TROJ engaged in until today and is following in the footsteps of earlier projects by the collective as TIMBUKTU and MY HEART BEATS FOR HER. MONTAЖ$TROJ once again becomes the “theatre of the disempowered” giving the voice to those who often go unheard, to people on the margins of society.