consumed potrošeni
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The filming of the documentary CONSUMED finished on October 9, 2013. However, the montage of the film begun already early in 2013. The shooting started on May 7, 2012 as a part of a unique community art project named 55+ in the production of the artistic collective MONTAЖ$TROJ. The project 55+ gathered a number of persons over the age of 55 and gave them the opportunity to participate in free creative and educational workshops, meetings and discussions. The result of the project was the performance 55+ that premiered on September 23, 2012.

The last days of filming occurred in the period when the project was already receiving international acclaim. The guest performance of 55+ at the 20th International Performing Arts Festival EX PONTO in Ljubljana was chosen as the best performance by the audience, whereas the guest performance at the 47th Belgrade International Theatre Festival (Bitef) on September 26 of the same year won the special jury award for unique concept and cast.

The documentary CONSUMED, which is expected to premiere early in 2014, represents the big finale of this long project which enabled that the voice of the people who are treated as consumables by the society is heard. CONSUMED is a film about the most important minutes in the lives of people who have over 30 million minutes behind them. It explores the possibilities of their social engagement within contemporary society.