consumed potrošeni
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The final evening of the 12th Liburnia Film Festival, which takes place in Ičići near Opatija, was held on August the 30th 2014. The five membered jury composed of Ana Alexieva, Anđelko Nenezić, Rajko Petrović, Miroslav Sikavica and Sanja Šamanović gave the Best Film Award to the documentary film CONSUMED, produced by MONTAЖ$TROJ and directed by Borut Šeparović.

As explained by the jury, the film CONSUMED talks about loneliness, loss, pain, love, as well as actual problems of the present moment of the generation which today's society considers to be the consumed burden. CONSUMED represents these issues in a new, conceptual, yet still vivid manner, and it is exactly because of this features why this film deserves the acknowledgement of the best one at this year's competition of the festival.

Liburnia Film Festival is organized by Delta from Rijeka and Restart from Zagreb, in cooperation with Filmaktiv and Festival Opatija, and in the partnership with the Institut for Documentary Film (IDF) from Prague, as well as Balkan Documentary Center from Sofia. Prior to the screening at Liburnia Film Festival, the documentary film CONSUMED had its premiere at the International documentary film festival ZagrebDox.