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Borut Šeparović’s film debut which was produced by art collective MONTAЖ$TROJ has been included in the competition at the 62nd edition of Pula Film Festival, after winning awards at the 12th Liburnia Film Festival and also at the 62nd Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival.

The protagonists of the documentary CONSUMED, which speaks about life’s most important minutes, are persons over the age of 55. They are challenged to tell about the most important minute in their life in as many seconds as their age. They talk about life and death, happiness and pain in a brutally honest way. 

The documentary CONSUMED was screened in the Arena in Pula on 22 July 2015 in the Croatian program selection which included 11 films. Prikazivanje filma na 62. izdanju ovog poznatog festivala rezultiralo je objavom velikog broja kritičkih osvrta koje donosimo u nastavku:

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