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Since it’s founding in 1989 artistic collective MONTAЖ$TROJ endures in it’s mission of producing art that takes responsibility in a society it is created in. In MONTAЖ$TROJ’s work ethics in creating always preceded aesthetic offering a non-stereotypical, urban and innovative commentary on our social reality. The economic and political transition marked MONTAЖ$TROJ in an equally strong manner as MONTAЖ$TROJ recorded transition and its effects. New constellations of reality are accepted wholeheartedly by MONTAЖ$TROJ, as a challenge and a space to prove its own values and capabilities. In recent years MONTAЖ$TROJ is dealing with socially excluded groups in society actively involving them in the artistic processes. Whether including homeless, stray dogs, unemployed, youth or pensioners - these projects raise social awareness about the issues of social justice allow for an examination of the distribution and circulation of power in a wider sociopolitical context. The basic programmatic principle of MONTAЖ$TROJ is the creation of a wholesome work of art, realized in different media and their dynamic interplay. MONTAЖ$TROJ's peculiar artistic expression is constructed through interdisciplinary interventions in music, film, visual, video and digital arts. Although mostly perceived as a theater group, MONTAЖ$TROJ was always more than that – a complex machine to investigate different characteristics of the contemporary society.