consumed potrošeni
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Borut Šeparović was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1967. He graduated in Philosophy and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb, and from the graduate school at Das Arts (Advanced Studies in Performance Arts) in Amsterdam. His artistic biography as a founder, artistic leader, director and choreographer equates with Montažstroj's biography. Under his artistic leadership, the group Montažstroj, since its founding in 1989, became a trademark of a new and different theatre in Croatia and abroad, retaining that status until today. He directed, choreographed and led over 50 projects, plays and performances whose production was signed by Montažstroj or by various institutional theatres. By directing documentary film CONSUMED, he started with creating in audiovisual art transferring his idea of socially responsible art into a new media. He is permanently interested in creating engaged theatre and art that, far from the explicit daily political discourse, always questions anew the society they are created in.